Diagnostics Tuning

Car Diagnostics in Southampton

One of the reasons why our garage continues to earn new clients on a regular basis comes down to our progressive attitude and our quest for perfection. Salek’s Motors invests heavily in today’s most advanced tools and equipment to bring our customers car diagnostics in Southampton on all makes and models fitted with on-board computers (ECUs).

DPF Removal in Southampton

The diesel particulate filter (DPF) helps to reduce emissions to specified European standards but continued vehicle use leads to soot blockages that affect component performance. At Salek’s Motors, we can undertake your DPF removal in Southampton and perform any modifications required whilst ensuring your vehicle falls within the latest emission legislation and guidelines.

ECU Remapping in Southampton

Choose Salek’s Motors for ECU remapping in Southampton and experience superior performance and economy by optimising the power and torque capabilities of your vehicle. By removing restrictions on factory settings, you’ll immediately notice a marked improvement in performance and enjoy long-term savings on your fuel costs.

Car Chip Tuning in Southampton

Our remapping services include car chip tuning in Southampton where our technicians reprogram the software of your ECU to ‘superchip’ standard. By removing restrictive limits set by your vehicle manufacturer, you can enjoy a more exciting driving experience that optimises the potential of your engine whilst maintaining or improving overall fuel efficiency.

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