Car Servicing in Southampton

The reliability of your vehicle depends heavily on regular servicing and maintenance. Salek’s Motors is one of the best-known garages in Southampton for full and interim car servicing. We know how important it is for our customers to stay mobile at an affordable price. Because we trade independently as a part of the Auto first Network, Hampshire motorists benefit from competitive rates that consistently beat those charged by main dealerships.

Our technicians specialise in car servicing on all popular German marques such as Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda, Mercedes, BMW and Mini, but also provide scheduled maintenance on all other makes and models. Located on Wilson Street in Southampton, our workshop has dedicated servicing bays to cope with work volumes and to preserve fast turnaround times.

We are AA certified and part of the AA Garage Guide.

Salek’s Motors is one of only a handful of companies in Hampshire to trade as a Polish garage for East European motorists in the region. Our diverse approach to customer service matches the flexibility of our main garage services, and we perform car servicing for people from every ethnic background who have settled to make the Southampton area their home.


Full and Interim Car Servicing

It is the responsibility of all motorists to know the correct schedule for car servicing and to take their vehicle to a garage for the required work. Unlike MOT testing, which is mandatory in the UK, car servicing is optional. Without a service, you run a greater risk of breaking down at the roadside and spending more on replacement parts because components wear down sooner. Our customers have the choice of booking in for full or interim car servicing.

Owners in Southampton and Hampshire benefit in many different ways from a service:

  • A service history helps in attracting potential buyers if selling in the future
  • The engine runs efficiently to save money on fuel costs
  • Vital engine parts last for longer to reduce the possibility of breakdowns
  • Regular car servicing maintains value and preserves ongoing warranties
  • Motorists drive a safer car that protects their own welfare and their passengers


While schedules differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, interim car servicing usually takes places 6 months or every 6,000 miles after a full service. Customers in the local Southampton area need to book in for full car servicing annually or after every 12,000 miles.

The interim service checks for fluid levels in the braking system, the screen wash and the coolant. Our technicians also replace the oil and the oil filter, and check the condition of different components like the lights, the tyres and the battery. Full car servicing at our workshop in Southampton also covers the locks and catches, the fuel and air filter, throttle operation, the distributor cap, the bearings, the brakes and numerous other components.

Upon completion of a full or interim car servicing package, Salek’s Motors stamps your service book to help maintain a recorded history in the event of any future sale.

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