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If your air conditioning stops working, more often than not it can be resolved quickly and easily with an air-con regas. Most modern cars are fitted with air conditioning. It’s no longer the luxury it once was, and most us expect it to work without a second thought. Over time, though, you may find that your air-con system doesn’t work as well as it did when new. That’s because it needs regular maintenance, but many of us fail to keep our air-con system refreshed. Fortunately, it’s not an expensive or difficult job to keep your air-con working. Here, we outline the process involved, whether you can do it yourself, and everything else you need to know about air-con regassing.

What is Regassing?

Air-con regassing is the process of removing the old refrigerant gas from your air conditioning system and replacing it with new refrigerant, so your air con can run cold again.  It should be the first thing you explore if your air-con system isn’t blowing as cold as it should. The process should take a specialist no longer than an hour to do. There could be other reasons why your air-con isn’t blowing cold anymore, but a reputable mechanic will be able to advise if the issue is the result of anything other than the need for regassing.

It’s possible your system may have a leak. Our experts will be able to check your car with specialised equipment to detect such leaks and fix them on the spot.


Can I regas my air-con system myself?

You can buy air-con regas kits if you’d like to attempt the job yourself, but we wouldn’t advise it. They’re almost as expensive as paying a specialist to do the job and if anything goes wrong, you may be left with  a very expensive repair bill. Specialists will also have a better idea of how to check for leaks and other problems with the air-con system, and there are safety factors to be considered, too. If the refrigerant gas comes into contact with your skin or eyes, it could cause painful freeze burns.

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