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If you own a modern vehicle, it’s almost certain that it has an engine control unit (ECU) fitted. The ECU gives our technicians access to the electrical subsystem for the purpose of car diagnostics. Your vehicle runs to a series of factory settings to keep it performing at predefined levels. Dashboard warning lights alert drivers to faults in the subsystem.

The team at our Southampton garage plugs into the ECU using innovative engine management tooling. Stored fault codes alert us to what’s wrong with your car.

Engine management equipment also helps us in our car chip tuning and ECU remapping work, which unleashes the true power potential in a vehicle. This ties in well with DPF removals and DPF repairs. Through our engine management services, customers in Southampton and the surrounding Hampshire area, including those in Eastleigh and Totton, benefit from a driving experience that allows their cars to perform as first designed.


Car Diagnostics

A service is a periodic health check for your vehicle and car diagnostics serve a very similar purpose. The main difference between the two is that car servicing is a preventative maintenance service while car diagnostics tend to be more reactive. At Salek’s Motors of Southampton, we believe in a proactive approach to engine management. Modern tooling frequently identifies faults that might not display immediately on the car dashboard.

Car diagnostics reveal issues with the engine, the braking and transmission systems, the exhaust, the electrical system and a wide range of parts and components. The results of a diagnostic test show the technicians at our Southampton workshop where the parameter ranges are, but it requires their skill and aptitude to find the most suitable repair solution.

Book in for car diagnostics as soon as something feels irregular when driving. In doing so, we can save you money on costly repairs and the premature replacement of components.

Car Chip Tuning and ECU Remapping

While some motorists in Southampton and Hampshire might see car chip tuning and ECU remapping as two different services, they are in fact the same. The purpose of these two services is to improve the power, torque and fuel efficiency of a vehicle. Typically, ECU remapping takes around 30 minutes and the process removes some of the limitations a manufacturer has to use to comply with different laws and legislation across the world.

It is also rumoured that some manufacturers limit performance through the car chip tuning process for the purpose of releasing more powerful models, at a higher price, in the future.

ECU remapping provides customers in the Southampton area with the following benefits:

  • Overwriting and derestricting factory settings enhances performance
  • Drivers enjoy using a more responsive vehicle that leaves them in total control
  • Car chip tuning increases speed, power, torque and economy
  • Use your car outside factory parameters without needing a replacement chip
  • Restore to factory settings at any time if you don’t like the change in performance


DPF Removal and DPF Repairs

The diesel particulate filter captures and stores soot to lower emissions on diesel models. Without constant regeneration, the soot build-up leads to the emission of black smoke when accelerating. Understandably, this has a negative environmental impact and affects the balance of ecosystems in the Southampton area. Unfortunately, changes in legislation make DPF removal illegal and doing so could invalidate the terms of your insurance policy.

DPF removal on a car also results in a fine of up to £1,000.00 and, on a van, the penalty is as high as £2,500.00. DPF repairs provide the best option of clearing the system of soot.

Black smoke is just one indication for needing DPF repairs. Another is an alert through the dashboard warning lights. Regular short journeys driven at low speeds block the DPF sooner. Because DPF removal is no longer an option, our workshop in Southampton performs DPF repairs using active or passive regeneration practices. If neither of these processes resolves an ongoing DPF issue, we have the option of attempting forced regeneration instead.

Customers in Southampton and the surrounding areas can book in for car diagnostics, car chip tuning, ECU remapping and DPF repairs (as an alternative to DPF removal) by booking an appointment with Salek’s Motors – Hampshire’s trusted choice for garage services.

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